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About Cutler Chiropractic

Dr. Cutler began practicing in 1979 after moving to Northern California from Portland, Oregon. Ever since, he has been healing the Larkspur community and helping them unlock their true health potential

Whether you’re looking for chiropractic care for a newborn infant or a grandparent—we’re happy to see you in our practice. In fact, we’ve treated patients who are just days old, with our oldest being 102!

“My hope for patients is that I can provide them with the most effective, honest and respectful chiropractic care possible to help them reduce and remove nervous system interference.” – Dr. Cutler

Helping Patients Stay Well

Through cutting-edge, low force techniques, Dr. Cutler, Larkspur chiropractor, can help you overcome a variety of health issues from migraines to sciatica and everything in between.

Unlike other chiropractors, Dr. Cutler looks at your entire health picture and helps patients understand what type of care will help them stay healthy in the long term. Together, we’ll help you achieve the level of wellness that you desire—you’ll think better, act better, sleep better and live better!

Changing Lives Through Chiropractic

We’ve had thousands of patients come through our doors, and consider it a blessing to have helped so many people live better. Though we see miracles everyday, Dr. Cutler was particularly happy to have helped a woman who had been suffering with chronic migraine headaches. Her pain had gotten so bad and so frequent that she was having a hard time functioning and living her life—it was affecting her family and she had tried everything. After receiving treatment with us, her migraines went away and she was able to regain her life.

Learn More About Care at Cutler Chiropractic

As a low force chiropractic care specialist, Dr. Cutler can help you feel better and stay better with extremely gentle and natural chiropractic adjustments. We’re happy to offer same day appointments and free consultations.

Discover how great you can feel. Contact us today to book your first appointment!